A project by Oliver Braid
Scenography & display by It's Our Playground
Dj set by Christian Newby
Speed-Dating and Shag-tag: A How-To Guide

The opening event for this exhibition comes with two additional features; Speed-Dating and Shag-tag.
Speed-Dating will be played for one hour by the 20 single artists who are also exhibiting work in the gallery space. During this hour the gallery space will be off limits to audience members, but the unfolding action may be viewed through the large window by the bar.
When the Speed-Dating is over, the gallery space and exhibition will be available to enter by all.
Shag-tag is available for all audience members and speed-daters alike to play.
Here are some simple guidelines to Shag-tag:
1. Each audience member attending the opening evening will be given a sticker to wear upon arrival.

2. If you see someone in the room that you like the look of, but might be too shy to approach, take note of their number.

3. Come to the Shag-tag booth and complete a message slip.
(This should include your number, your potential partner’s number and any additional message for them.)

4. Once you’ve had enough time to move away, the number worn by the person of your potential affections will flash up onto the projection screen, letting them know a mystery admirer has left them a message.

5. Keep checking the screen in case your own number flashes up!!

Happy Hunting!!